What is Substeps?

Substeps is an open source BDD framework created by G2G3 Digital (formerly Technophobia). Substeps tests can be implemented and executed by team members with limited technical experience.

We developed the Substeps framework specifically to:

  • implement BDD using natural language as close to Cucumber’s Gherkin syntax as possible
  • reduce the amount of developer effort involved in implementing step implementations
  • provide a way for the QA team to easily execute tests autonomously
  • provide as much help as possible to the QA team to be able to write the tests

Latest articles

There are a number of articles that provide some of the background as to why we’ve created our own BDD framework, read about our experiences with BDD and Cucumber and the use of Substeps as an alternative.

  1. Experiences with BDD and Cucumber — Part I

    Behaviour driven development (or BDD) is a technique that first appeared around 2006 and has gained traction and support ever since and with good reason. [read more…]

  2. Experiences with BDD and Cucumber — Part II — Substeps

    The main problem we encountered with using Cucumber and Java to implement BDD was the impact upon the development team of writing the significant amount of ‘test’ code that is required, in addition to implementing the actual solution. [read more…]

Getting started

Follow our straight forward and simple guide to getting started with Substeps and building your own suite of acceptance tests.