Help and support

If you have any issues or problems using any of the Substeps projects, please let us know by raising an issue under the Substeps project or the specific project if you know where the issue lies.

There is a Substeps Google group where new releases will be announced and you will be able to receive support and answers to any questions you may have. You can post to the group via email:

Getting involved

We’d love to hear about any feedback, feature requests and of course, this being an open source project on github, pull requests!

If you’d like to get involved directly, there are a number of github projects under the Substeps umbrella.

  • Substeps BOM
    - the Bill of Materials project ties together the various versions of the substeps projects for convenience.
  • Substeps Core API
    - common classes and interfaces used by the other substeps projects.
  • Substeps Core
    - parsing, execution, default reporting.
  • Substeps Runner
    - ant, maven and junit runners.
  • Glossary Builder
    - a component that builds a glossary of the step implementations and descriptions in use within the context of a project.
  • Webdriver Substeps
    - step implementation library for testing web applications, built on the Selenium Webdriver Java API.
  • Substeps Eclipse plugin
    - The Eclipse plugin projects, editor and runner.